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The minimum bid in the auction to buy Dalmore Zenith - a one off bottling - is £50,000. Dalmore Trinitas released in recent years with a total of three bottles had a price tag of £100,000. Clearly this is a brand which is trying to position itself firmly at the ultra-premium, luxury end of the whisky market.

At the lower end of the Dalmore price list the packaging remains very elegant and luxurious, perhaps a little more akin to the look of an expensive cognac than a single malt. This is probably the market the Dalmore are hoping to win over, smooth luxurious whiskies for drinking after dinner - possibly with a cigar - rather than rugged drams more suited to drinking open air by beach campfire.

The excellent Dalmore 12 years old is a rich, fruity whisky which serves as a great, and well priced, introduction to the range.